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Canvas Print. A martini glass with "19th Hole" on the stem sits on the green of a golf course. A light teal golf cart next to the glass has two olives hanging out on top of it. Four olives, two female, two male drink their martinis and wave their golf clubs around, while a female olive sits on top of the glass holding the red flag. Quick shop

19th Hole

from $1,195.00 to $5,395.00

Black background canvas. "Amoco" gas pump is pumping straight vodka from the "Pure Vodka" bottle into a martini glass. A male olive is holding the hose atop the glass. The female olive is holding a bag full of cash that says, "Rita's Shopping Fund". She is at a cash register. Quick shop


from $893.00 to $1,595.00

Quick shop

Bar Hop

from $595.00 to $1,995.00

Black background canvas featuring a martini glass with the word "jackpot" in the stem of the glass. This piece is depicting the fruit inside the slot machines on their days off. There is a gold bell, an orange, and three red cherries reaching up for the falling "Bars." A watermelon seems to have been cut in half and laying in a puddle of vodka. A purple grape hangs on the side of the glass. A red number 7 floats inside the glass. Quick shop

Bar None

from $595.00 to $1,595.00

Black background Canvas.This poker image depicts two Aces with arms and legs, one of hearts, the other of Spades, sitting on two silver bullets. A martini glass peers out from behind several stacks of purple, yellow and blue poker chips, while a green olive carries a stack of purple chips. Quick shop


from $595.00 to $1,595.00

Black background canvas. Flaming dice flying onto the craps table with several animated olives being arrested with a whit cop car and a blue police helicopter above with it's light on a suspect below. Quick shop


from $1,195.00 to $3,995.00

This painting depicts Jesus on the cross, positioned in three different angles. Blue and white clouds outline the middle cross with the son shining from behind it. Very spiritual painting. Quick shop


from $1,195.00 to $5,000.00