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VIP Dinner with Godard

Have dinner with Michael Godard!

Join Michael and LeeAnn for dinner with a few of your fellow Godard art fans.


VIP Dinner November 7, 2020

$2,500 per person 

Ticket price is $2500 per person / $5000 per couple

Each ticket includes:

  • $2500 credit toward original Michael Godard artwork selected at the event
  • Private viewing of many original pieces from Godard's private studio
  • Fully catered dinner with Michael and LeeAnn
  • Surprise live entertainment after dinner

**Due to the Covid-19, we have had to make some changes to the itinerary.

Call today to make your reservation.

*All tickets are non-refundable but if something comes up, you can still pick out your choice of original artwork or reschedule for a future VIP event with Godard.  

*Or click the Godard pic Below to purchase online:

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