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Painting by Michael Godard of Olives playing casino games like the original members of the Rat Pack in Las Vegas Quick shop

Rat Pack

from $595.00 to $4,995.00

This painting depicts Jesus on the cross, positioned in three different angles. Blue and white clouds outline the middle cross with the son shining from behind it. Very spiritual painting. Quick shop


from $1,195.00 to $5,000.00

Quick shop

Wise Guy

from $595.00 to $8,100.00

Quick shop


from $595.00 to $1,995.00

Shooter - Michael Godard Art Gallery Quick shop


from $1,195.00 to $1,995.00

Quick shop

Man Cave

from $595.00 to $2,993.00

Black background canvas. Flaming dice flying onto the craps table with several animated olives being arrested with a whit cop car and a blue police helicopter above with it's light on a suspect below. Quick shop


from $1,195.00 to $3,995.00