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Jon Rouse Bio


Jon Rouse has expressed his life long passion for working with sculpture, photography, lithography and painting through his latest opus, a study and re-imaging of rare firearms, ammunitions and explosives.  Rouse's unique style has led him to photograph many celebrities, including recording artists, Michael Jackson and John Legend,  celebrity Chefs  Gordon Ramsey, Kerry Simon and Wolfgang Puck, and hundreds of models, including Cindy Crawford, and Miss USA, Nia Sanchez.

As a world renowned photographer Jon has photographed in more than  80 countries and his photographs have appeared in hundreds of magazines, including Architectural Digest, Touring and Tasting,  Spa Magazine. and Resorts and Great Hotels. Following in the footsteps of his father, Jon has built fine furniture and used his artistic flare in his show PRIMER by creating furniture pieces, including a coffee table encircled with live ammunition.

While Jon has become an expert in digital photography, he has owned and operated most types of professional specialty cameras including Horseman 4x5, Noblex 6x12cm, Hasselblad Imacon 6 shot.  Graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Ca. in 1996, he brings his eye and appreciation of light and tone gleaned from developing and printing a multitude of sheet and roll films, and working with traditional Black and white and color enlargers,  into the high resolution art pieces of Primer.  Whether mountain climbing, skydiving or competing in the hardest mountain bike challenge on the earth, Jon has always pushed boundaries. Primer challenges traditional notions of weapons and beauty, and takes a fresh approach to the explosive issue of weaponry. Richard Bienstock, a regular contributor to Rolling Stone, and author of the Slash biography, called Rouse “ a Master of  Visualization - a 21st century rock star of the world of fine art photography.”


-------> Armed with the highest resolution camera available, contemporary artist JON ROUSE has succeeded at creating masterpieces of our time. ROUSE has mastered the artistic and technological skills over decades to unlock the boundaries to embrace a subject matter rarely showcased in contemporary fine art. As a master of visualization, artistic visual technology, and illumination, ROUSE has elevated photographic artistry with his collection PRIMER: An Explosive Study Of Weaponry.


ROUSE uses a highly technical photographic macro alignment process that bundles fine layers of resolution to achieve the finest detail of each and every subject he marquees. Color and contrast leap out from these dramatically limited originals through a precise specialized lithographic process thus allowing an injection of deeper more vibrant colors onto ROUSE featured subject matter. A prime example of the ROUSE process is the stunning Crimson MK II Grenade which is a massive original of greater than 3 Terabytes. That represents 3 Trillion Bytes of resolution within one ROUSE original. Final resolution so high that ROUSE works of art can often appear 3-Dimensional. A fact rarely witnessed in any contemporary fine art pieces of our day…and thus, taking months to complete each ROUSE original from concept to creation resulting in a clarity rarely seen in fine works of art of this size.


Each ROUSE original displays a uniqueness and direction both conceptually and creatively. Examples of this are as follows. Vast quantities of authentic live ammunition native to each firearm photographed were meticulously hand configured by the artist into backgrounds that come alive to the viewer upon closer visual inspection. Rare Japanese silks were used to provide visual textures and out of focus points of light as with the HK Bouquet. The American flag wrapped around the USA Apple Grenade was one given to the family of a fallen US Soldier. The genuine rose petal texture in the Smith & Wesson Guns & Roses piece was photographed on site at the world renowned Santa Barbara Rose Garden. The first golden piece in the collection, the 24K SIG Sauer, is the artist’s first personal gun he purchased to protect his family.


Each ROUSE original is hand signed by the artist in genuine 18-Karat Gold leaf. Additionally, each original is hand debossed by the artist in the lower left hand corner utilizing a 1,000 degree glowing red hot custom brass artist chop and a 3 ton arbor press. The Artist Proofs (A/P) sets are essential to ensure proper coloration, detail and illumination. The Artist Proof set from PRIMER is either 1 of 2 or 1 of 4 A/P signed originals. ROUSE follows the protocol for high-end auctions and museums by limiting the subsequent larger-scale prints to no more than 1 of 8. The premium materials include archival inks, museum quality framing using UV coated Plexiglas and printing on hot press cotton rag.


Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist along with each ROUSE original.