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Nicholas Yust Bio


Nicholas Yust: The Artist

Photograph of Nicholas Yust grinding metal on his artwork

I first explored my passion for art after completing high school, enrolling in fine art and art history at the university of Cincinnati school of design art architecture and planning. For two years, I focused on abstract oil pastels and interior architecture, after which I transferred to Wright State University to study engineering and pursue my technical interests. During my time there, I interned and worked for the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB, researching superconductivity and thin film coated conductors, and graduated with a B.S. in materials engineering and an M.S. in metallurgical engineering.

After developing my first few wall sculptures from aluminum panels, I began to design free standing sculptures and developed over a dozen unique grind patterns which have become signature characteristics of my work. To add color to my pieces, I experimented with transparent coating to allow my unique grind patterns to be seen through a spectrum of colors. This evolved into the invention of an atomized acrylic painting process for metal, and I remain the only metal artist in the industry with this capability.

I have had much success selling my artwork in local, national and international galleries. I have also displayed and sold my work at several art shows and expos, Starbucks, a multitude of online virtual galleries as well as my own personal gallery.

I continue to create original pieces, while constantly reproducing some of my best loved sculptures. In 2007 and 2008 I debuted at the Art Expo New York, also attending the Art Expo Las Vegas in 2008, and at each received excellent reviews. I have exhibited at numerous art expos and craft shows since then, in various parts of the country. I am always broadening my capabilities and offerings as an artist. I just recently finished expanding my metal art studio from 1200 to over 3500 sq-ft to accomodate the demand. In addition to my traditional line of work, I also take part in several large scale charity projects and have commissioned monumental designs for multiple corporations and restaurants. Much of my work comes as custom orders for large-scale abstract metal wall hanging sculptures, free standing sculptures, special interior metal treatments and company logos.