Scotty Ziegler Bio

Photo of artist Scotty Ziegler holding a paintbrush


Scotty Ziegler is a renaissance man in all aspects of the word. He grew up building cars and painting for teachers to get out of homework assignments. Although some would say that this was a disservice to his education, time would prove that his unconventional upbringing created the genius that thrives today.


Starting at a very young age, it became abundantly clear that Scotty would never subscribe to “normal.” He quickly adopted the “if you’ve got it, I don't want it” mentality and thus resulted in his world of custom cars, motorcycles and fine art. Scotty worked as an artist in his screen printing business, freelanced architectural drawings and airbrush photo retouching (for real, before the world of Photoshop) in his spare time.


When he got married, he and his wife Angie started their business together and Scotty became a full-time toy inventor. He used his self-taught knowledge of engineering and design to bring fresh concepts to the toy industry, although his creations often ran about 10 years ahead of their time. With inventions like the dripless sipper cup to his name, he has continued to thrive in this creative arena for more than 30 years.


As the economy went into a recession, the toy market became less lucrative as manufactures struggled to remain profitable which reduced their demand for outside inventors. Scotty always said he wanted to paint by the beach when he retired, so his wife encouraged him to not wait and start doing it now. When he asked her, what should he paint, she simply replied…women. He quickly began diving into the world of fine art, all the while continuing to invent innovative products.

With his vastly different outlook on life, Scotty creates things that do more than look pretty on a wall. They embody the spirit of cool, and they draw people into his world. They immediately evoke an emotion and the beauty of each piece is undeniable. To own Scotty’s art is to look at the world through his crazy, sexy and vibrant lens.


Scotty prides himself on doing things differently. If you have seen it out there, he doesn’t want anything to do with it. He constantly pushes the boundaries of fine art and loves to blend his past worlds and knowledge into his pieces. Blending his metalsmith skills with painting, jewelry making and more, this man is more than just a painter. His art is three-dimensional and lives so far outside of the box, that you often begin to wonder if a box really ever existed.


If you need to know one thing about Scotty, know this: He lives, eats, and breathes passion. Passion for his craft, for his family and for constantly being ahead of the curve. Get to know Scotty through his Tastefully Edgy fine art.