Michael Godard

7 Deadly Zins


7 Deadly Zins by Michael Godard

7 Deadly Zins is the first piece in a three part series.

I found a bracelet that had the seven deadly sins on it. I wanted to work on more wine pieces so I decided to call this the 7 Deadly Zins. Someone came over to my house and said that there actually is a wine called The 7 Deadly Zins. It uses the red wine as a backdrop for the characters in the plot. The 7 Deadly Zins- pride, envy, anger, avarice, sadness, gluttony, and lust are portrayed by the purple grapes. ~MG


This SOLD OUT piece is now available in the gallery.

S Series Limited Edition of 100.   
27" wide by 40.5" tall by 1.5" deep.   $8,495

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