AC/DC (Tribute) - She's Got the Jack


AC/DC (Tribute) - She's Got the Jack

by Stickman

Original Painting - $5,995
24” x 36"
Gallery wrapped and ready to hang.

The fine art limited edition gicleé on canvas is gallery wrapped and ready to hang, available in 3 editions.

SE Series Edition of 150      $500
18" x 24"

SN Signed & Numbered Edition of 250     $995
24" x 36"

AP Artist Proof Edition of 50      $1,895
5-Color Embellished
30" x 40"

- Call us for framing options if desired.

- Each piece comes with the Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty.
- If ever damaged or stolen, your item may be replaced for the cost of printing if verifiable with your Certificate of Authenticity and a Police or Insurance report.


"This one is a long departure from the original concept. Like most of my work, the concept started at about 4:30 am. I was staring at my ceiling, challenging myself to create a piece that truly encapsulated the feeling of rock n’ roll – without actually showing an instrument or band member. I started thinking of images that are conducive to the rock n’ roll look and feel. My mind started bringing up images of leather, lace, tattoos and finally… Jack freaking Daniels.

I flirted with the idea of a JD bottle on a Marshall amp, then of a girl on an amp drinking JD. Finally, an image I once saw of Bon Scott of AC/DC with a bottle of JD flashed before me and the bluesy anthem “about a dirty woman” (in their own words) titled “The Jack” started playing in my head. The double entendre title with the image of a girl drinking Jack was truly serendipitous. From there, the bar room neon sign fell into the background like a game of Tetris."