Michael Godard Art Gallery

Bluepoint Bay 2


Bluepoint Bay 2

Limited Edition Aerial Photograph by Zedekiah

24" tall x 36" wide

Gallery wrapped gicleé on canvas - ready to hang

Call for other sizes and media options.

"This unique set of matching images were lensed looking straight down from a height of 2,500 ft. onto the shores of Blue Point Bay in Lake Mead.

A powerful rainstorm had passed just through the area causing the bright colors from an abundance of natural minerals in the rock and sand to vibrantly react to the combination of sunlight and the ground freshly saturated with rainwater.

The abundance of minerals that permeate the shores of the aptly named Blue Point Bay come from a series of hot springs west of the bay. Rogers Spring and smaller Blue Point Spring are continuously fed by hot water springs and are true desert oases with shallow ponds, fringed by desert trees, palms, and marshy vegetation.

The hot springs water rises to the surface at about 100 degrees, then cools to about 90 degrees in the ponds. Overflow from the springs creates little creeks that meander toward the shore of Lake Mead, depositing the various minerals all along the shoreline." - Zedekiah