Michael Godard Art Gallery

Body Shot


Body Shot by Scotty Ziegler 

Giclee’ Limited Edition of 100 with Silver Cross                                  
30” x 46”
Gallery wrapped & ready to hang.


Body Shot includes a cross pendant that was designed and crafted by Scotty for this specific painting. It is engraved with a number on the back that matches the edition number on the painting. There is no way to purchase them separately.

Original SOLD

AP/PP available (call to order) 

Contact the gallery for framing options if desired. 

This piece has everything necessary for a good time. Love the play on words. Anyone need a body shot?

Body Shot is the piece that moves on from a gun for protection to a knife or maybe it was used just to cut the lime? This popular piece incorporates all of Scotty’s best: the beautiful figure of a woman, alcohol to start (or end) the evening, and a little metal to top it off. Lime green dances across the canvas, which symbolizes prosperity, luck and anticipation, all things one may experience when put into this scene.