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Breast Stroke

$2,395.00 USD

Breast Stroke by Scotty Ziegler

Giclee’ Limited Edition of 250                                            

50” x 38” 
Gallery wrapped & ready to hang.

Small Giclee’ Limited Edition of 250                                
30” x 23” 
Gallery wrapped & ready to hang.

Original available (call to order)   
45" x 34"
Acrylic on Canvas

AP/PP available (call to order)   

Contact the gallery for framing options if desired.

Staying in shape is important for every mermaid, and swimming around with friends is the perfect way to do it! Every morning before the humans awake, these mermaids twirl and swirl around as the light from the rising sun dances off of their shimmering tails. Mermaids are the ones that started the whole sport of swimming. Why we went and called the mermaid stroke the “butterfly stroke” is beyond me. Clearly we have been doing the breaststroke wrong as well.