Chris Cornell - Heaven Send Hell Away


Chris Cornell - Heaven Send Hell Away

by Stickman


This fine art limited edition gicleé on canvas is gallery wrapped and ready to hang, available in 3 editions.

SE Series Edition of 150      $500
18" x 36"

SN Signed & Numbered Edition of 250     $995
24" x 48"

AP Artist Proof Edition of 50      $1,895
5-Color Embellished
30" x 60"

"I graduated high school in 1992, so to say the Seattle sound (I’m not a fan of calling it “grunge”) had a significant impact on my life would be a huge understatement. So why have I waited so long to paint Chris Cornell? Truth is both Chris and Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) have been in my queue for a long time–the concept just hadn’t revealed itself to me. Most of these painting concepts come to me like a bolt of lightning, the pieces seem to fall into place like a game of Tetris. Sometimes this process takes minutes and sometimes it takes years. With Chris Cornell, it was the latter.

That all changed on the morning of May 18, 2017. That evening I sat on my deck listening to my playlist titled “Everything Cornell” and tried to make sense of why these deaths have such an impact on me. It tore me apart and it was tough to pinpoint the exact reason why the passing of someone I’ve never actually met felt like losing my closest friend. It was that evening that the lightning finally struck. I never expected to portray Chris in an introspective manner, but with the circumstances surrounding his tragic death and the knowledge of his struggles, it seemed like the only fitting direction. The title lyric from Black Hole Sun takes on a new meaning for me, and the follow up lyric is the truest of statements… “no one sings like you anymore.”" - Stickman

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- If ever damaged or stolen, your item may be replaced for the cost of printing if verifiable with your Certificate of Authenticity and a Police or Insurance report.