Jim Warren

Dali by Da Vinci


Dali by Da Vinci

by Jim Warren

This limited edition fine art gicleé is a rolled canvas and is available in 3 editions, signed and numbered by the artist.

Dali is a fun person to paint, with his crazed eyes and mustache, also he was influential in the beginning of my career with his “Hell with the Rules, paint what you like!” attitude.
Here I wondered what the Mona Lisa would look like if Da Vinci had used Dali as his model. - JW

Small Limited Edition $875
19" x 24"  

Medium Limited Edition $1125
24" x 30"  

Large Limited Edition $1500
32" x 40"   

Stretching Fee: $125

Contact the gallery for additional options or special requests.

Framing, AP Embellishment or Customization available.

**Dimensions are approximate and exact size may vary.