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Pick Me Scotty Custom

$12,000.00 USD

Pick Me by Scotty Ziegler


Scotty Custom $12,000
54″ x 38″
Mixed Media on Acrylic with Steel Frame


This stunning piece is produced on acrylic with a unique hammered aluminum background. The subtle cutouts in the acrylic shows Scotty’s unique capabilities to shape this difficult to work with material. The hardware is also custom designed by Scotty. He completes the piece with detailed handwork over the top and a custom frame to really make Pick Me to come to life. Includes Custom Steel frame by Scotty

It’s almost impossible to resist, as she is the prettiest guitar you have ever seen. How could you not strum away for a bit to see how she sounds?


Limited Edition Giclee & Original Painting also available
50″ x 34″

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