Michael Godard

Slots of Fun 2


Slots of Fun 2 by Michael Godard

We have a formal dining room we don’t use, so we decided to put slot machines in it. I bought them from a casino and, after they were delivered, wanted to turn them off at night. However, I was told if I did so, it would burn out the lights. They had to stay on around the clock. I’m lying in bed, thinking about the slot machines downstairs because sometimes I can hear them making noise at night. I wonder what the fruits inside them do because they never go to sleep. So here, we have four pieces of fruit actively running around, day and night, 24/7.  ~M.G.

This fine art limited edition gicleé on canvas is gallery wrapped and ready to hang, available in 3 editions.

G (Godard) Series Limited Edition of 250.  
22" wide by 17.5" tall by 1.5" deep.   $595
SN (Signed and Numbered) Limited Edition of 300.  
35" wide by 28" tall by 1.5" deep.   $1,195
AP (Artist Proof) Limited Edition of 50.  
35" wide by 28" tall by 1.5" deep.   $1,595
1 Color Embellished.

Call us for framing options if desired.

Each piece comes with the Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty.

If ever damaged or stolen, your item may be replaced for the cost of printing if verifiable with your Certificate of Authenticity and a Police or Insurance report.