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Traction Control

$2,995.00 USD

Traction Control by Scotty Ziegler


Giclee’ Limited Edition of 100  $2995                                                             
37” x 37” 
Gallery wrapped & ready to hang.


Original available (call to order) $30,000
38” x 37”
Acrylic on Canvas


AP/PP available (call to order) $3745

Contact the gallery for framing options if desired.


There’s fast and then there’s F1 fast. There is no room for error. The slightest misstep can result in a catastrophe. While quick reactions can make or break a trip to victory lane, sometimes the only thing between life or death are the things we can’t see. So, when you're living on the edge through every turn, it’s good to know there are these winged guardians providing the real Traction Control.