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3700 W Flamingo Rd #212
Las Vegas, NV, 89103
United States


Michael Godard's hometown gallery Inside Las Vegas' Rio Hotel and Casino on the second level of the Masquerade Village just 2 doors down from the VooDoo Lounge. Michael Godaard art, Scott Jacobs art, BoneDaddy art, Paul Butvila art, Stickman art Stacey Wells art..


Neil Young - What If You Knew Her?

Neil Young - What If You Knew Her?.jpg
Neil Young - What If You Knew Her?.jpg

Neil Young - What If You Knew Her?

from 500.00

SE Series Edition of 150      $500
36 x 18
Unframed & ready to hang.

Signed & Numbered Edition of 250     $995
48 x 24
Unframed & ready to hang.

Artist Proof Edition of 50      $1,895
5-Color Embellished
60 x 30
Unframed & ready to hang.

- This is a gallery wrapped giclee' on canvas on 1.50" stretcher bars and is ready to hang.
- Call us for framing options if desired.
- Each piece comes with the Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty.
- If ever damaged or stolen, your item may be replaced for the cost of printing if verifiable with your Certificate of Authenticity and a Police or Insurance report.

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Being a Canadian artist, painting Neil Young was inevitable. I have always been drawn to songs and artists that have had "something to say". Whether or not I agreed with an artist's platform on political or social issues, I always enjoyed the passion that often reveals itself in these types of songs. Although I can't claim to know all the info or feelings surrounding the Kent State shootings of May.4, 1970, I have always been drawn to, if not haunted by the way Young (or Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) portray the unrest and injustice of that day. These emotional feelings can be especially felt during the live recording with the cries of "why" towards the end of the song.I decided to portray an elderly Young to exemplify his unwavering and unapologetic point of view on many of the social issues of those days as well as today. When you hear Young play this song today, he does so with the passion as if the event happened only yesterday.