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  • Michael Godard Art Gallery

    Inside the Rio Hotel & Casino

  • "Bar Slang"

    by Michael Godard

  • "Dog's Best Friend"

    by Jim Warren

  • "Butterfly Dreams"

    by Michael Godard

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April 28th and October 29th

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Michael Godard Art Gallery

We are Michael Godard's hometown gallery in Las Vegas.

You can shop online and contact or visit our beautiful gallery featuring Michael Godard, Stickman, Jim Warren, Trevor Mezak, Scotty Ziegler, Scott Jacobs, Nicholas Yust, Zedekiah and Disney Fine Art.

We provide our collectors with the best quality customer service for their original fine art paintings, limited edition giclees, sculpture and official merchandise. We work directly with individuals, designers and businesses to create beautiful interiors. 

We also offer exclusive VIP special events and one of a kind commissions by our artists.

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