Zedekiah Bio

Photograph of aerial photgrapher Zedekiah Morse

As a brilliant photographer, filmmaker, composer and studio musician, with a lifetime of experience flying bush-planes and exploring the rugged North American backcountry wilderness, Zedekiah has developed his own unique voice as an artist. With his unusual method of filming, he flies his bush-plane low and slow in all sorts of conditions over rugged terrain, exploring remote locations to capture his unique viewpoint of stunning wilderness imagery. He often takes great risks in his endeavors in order to share his artistic vision and expand our way of looking at Planet Earth!

Zedekiah is also a seasoned and methodical digital content producer who brings a highly-advanced level of entertainment production into his artwork which provides viewers with a uniquely rewarding experience. He wears many hats on his projects as he pilots the bush plane, handles aerial photography, records location audio, composes and records soundtrack music, writes the stories, narrates voice-overs and edits the content into a professionally executed experiential art form.

Zedekiah is fully immersed in his current expedition project “Where Eagles Fly” in which he is dedicated to exploring, documenting and raising awareness for continued wilderness preservation.  This is a project of passion for Zedekiah and he now offers breath taking limited edition fine art photographs from the expedition, available in various sizes and media at our gallery, ROCKSTARS of ART, in Corona del Mar, California.