About Us


We are the Best Selling Michael Godard & Stickman Fine Art Gallery in the WORLD! Located Inside the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, You Will Find the Largest Display of Godard & Stickman anywhere.

The Michael Godard Art Gallery invites you to own Godard's fine art originals, mixed media unique creations, and giclee' limited editions, both new releases and hard to find, sold out images! You will also find everything else Godard, such as Pub tables, bar stools and other game room equipment, nicely framed prints, books and so much more!

We also feature music icon artist Trevor "Stickman" Stickel, and the only authorized Harley Davidson artist Scott Jacobs. The Michael Godard Art Gallery also represents sensual artist Scotty Ziegler and contemporary artist Trevor Mezak, who adds his specialty in textured canvases to his fine art. Plus, we carry a full line of Disney fine art!

Please allow 4-8 weeks for standard delivery. Rush orders are available, please call 702-363-4278 for more information. Originals & pieces requiring dedications may take longer than 8 weeks for delivery.