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Almost a Dog Mountain


Almost a Dog Mountain

Limited Edition Aerial Photograph by Zedekiah

24" tall x 34" wide

Fuji Film Acrylic - ready to hang

Call for other sizes and media options.


"Almost A Dog Mountain is connected via a long and steep ridge to the rugged Mount Logan majestically towering above Saint Mary Lake in the distance in this image lensed on a late fall day at dusk before the winter snows have begun to blanket the mountains. These are the harsh, jagged and stark Rocky Mountains of Montana in the iconic awe-inspiring Glacier National Park near the Canadian border.

In the foreground, separated by one of the 3 ridges of Mount Logan, Pumpelly Glacier on the left and Logan Glacier on the right of the ridge are 2 of the remaining 25 glaciers in the park.

First Nations Blackfoot called these mountains the "Backbone of the World" and this mountain is named in honor of a Blackfoot warrior called "Imazí-imita", Blackfoot for "Almost A Dog". " - Zedekiah