Michael Godard Art Gallery

Misty Tehachapi Morning


Misty Tehachapi Morning

Limited Edition Aerial Photograph by Zedekiah

28" tall x 58" wide

Gallery wrapped gicleé on canvas - ready to hang

Call for other sizes and media options.

"The Tehachapi Mountains on the southern end of the California San Joaquin Valley are basked in warm golden and azure hues during an early spring morning as Tule fog blankets the valley creating islands in the sky.

Extremely think Tule fog will intermittently form beginning in the late fall and continuing through the early spring when the California rainy season begins after the first significant rainfall.

Because it was pre-dawn and there was so much moisture in the air a high ISO setting on the camera was necessary which created a very noisy image. Zedekiah used a series of de-noise filtering processes to turn the image into this soft and vibrant expression of light and shadows across the Tehachapi Mountains. The resulting image is reminiscent of the ancient classic art of Eastern Asia.

First Nations Kawaiisu call themselves "Nuwu" or "Nuooah", meaning "the people". This was their homeland and for thousands of years, they seasonally moved across these mountains into the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Mojave Desert. They called this gateway to the desert "Tihachipia", which means "hard climb"." - Zedekiah