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Point Sur Monument of Light II


Point Sur Monument of Light II

Limited Edition Aerial Photograph by Zedekiah

18" tall x 54" wide

Fuji Film Acrylic mounted on aluminum frame and ready to hang

"Point Sur juts out into the Pacific Ocean from the wondrous Big Sur Coast while waves softly cascade a surf line along the California Sea Otter Game Refuge. Truly a Monument of Light, this extraordinary natural occurrence is one of the many amazing and beautiful aspects of the California Coastal Regions.

In this dramatic image, the skies around Point Sur California glow softly in a luminous expression of a rare alpenglow spectacle Zedekiah calls a "Sun-Sprite".

The sun has already fully set over the horizon and due to atmospheric conditions high in the stratosphere sunlight is focusing as a sunray or beam of light relative to the suns position. This beam of light is then reflecting up onto the bottom of the Cirrocumulus clouds and a secondary diffused mirror reflection from the clouds are appearing over a huge distance across the surface of the Pacific Ocean." - Zedekiah