Michael Godard

Gangster Martini Suite


Gangster Martini 2 Shots & A Splash  by Michael Godard

This is the only piece into which I put a gun. It was a glass gun so I figured it wasn’t dangerous. I was doing a two shots and a splash radio show thing with the actors from The Sopranos. They asked when I was going to do a piece for them, hence this piece. An olive is being held upside down in the martini.  ~M.G.

Gangsta Martini Living Large by Michael Godard

My wife and I love rap music, and it’s all about the bling. The olive on one knee has a necklace with an “E”, and the other olive has one with a “G”. The cross the female is wearing is one I bought.  These are my wife’s initials. The shoes are Charles David and the reason I know this is that they occupy most of the space in my closet at home, leaving very little space for my stuff.  ~M.G.

This fine art limited edition gicleé on canvas is gallery wrapped and ready to hang, available in 1 edition.

Suite Series Limited Edition of 100.  
35" wide by 28" tall by 1.5" deep.  $3,600

You get both the "Two Shots & A Splash" and the "Living Large" pieces in the suite. Sold together as a suite only. 

Call us for framing options if desired.

Each piece comes with the Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty.

If ever damaged or stolen, your item may be replaced for the cost of printing if verifiable with your Certificate of Authenticity and a Police or Insurance report.